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Fluffy view


Hii everybody,

Yes, it's very cold now in The Hague so I'm wearing this faux fur coat (Zara). The coat is holding me warm and I feel like a walking hug bear. I adore this coat! My trousers (PullandBear) are stretch but they look like a normal jeans, This is my favourite jeans! And also a good thing; it is very cheap!! I am wearing a grey tank top singlet (America Today), because I think you don't have to wear that much underneath the coat. My shoes are sport walking shoes (Timberlands) but it looks very nice under  jeans too. At least but not less my bag. It is an expensive handbag (Picard) but  I love it though, not too big but great for a shopping day!
My best friend made this pictures, and I'm really thankful for that. After the shoot we went to the centre of my hometown. There is a new mall with a shop named Kult of which I didn't know about. It is a lovely store full of clothes I like. So my wallet won't be that happy as I am with the existence of the store haha. Except for the rain and the cold weather it was a nice day..

I'm standing on the rooftop of my house. It is an amazing place to live. I love the view and it gives you the ability to think up on the roof. I can see the beautiful skyline of The Hague.
On the right (see picture) you see the tranquil side of The Hague. On the left (not visible at the picture) there are high buildings and agencies, this is a shopping area. Right in front of me you will find the sea (also not visible). My place truly is fantastic.
Later on I will post a photo-shoot on the beach!! So you guys can see how beautiful it is.

Thank you very much for visiting my blog, and don't be afraid to write a comment. I love to read all your remarks!


A day without fashion is like a day without air.

X Aless

Just Rock Amsterdayum


Hii Everybody,

Today I went to Amsterdam as you can see in the pictures. My niece the beautiful lady in yellow made the pictures today. First I would like to thank her. She makes my first post with the pictures possible! She celebrated her Birthday!! I love her so and she is the best ever. 
It was a beautiful warm day in Amsterdam. The wetter was perfect for a shoot! My style was rocky today. A blue shirt (New Look) made it a bit more colourful. I really love the leather trousers (H&M) and the leather jacket (ZARA). It is a perfect outfit for a shopping day or just for a good walk. But for a good walk you need good walking-shoes. The shoes (All Stars) I wore, made it more rocky I think. My chain (Gas Bijoux) are three little hearts which mean the world to me, so you will see this chain in almost every picture. My watch (Guess) is also very important to me too. I like the rocky style and I hope you like it too. I had an amazing day in my favourite city. I see you lovely fashion lovers soon again. 

A day without fashion is like a day without air

X Aless

First Post!

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Hello fashionista's,

This is my first post on my blog and I'm so excited for this blog. I never used a blog before. I hope you all like my blog and I will post a lot of fashion things. You will see a lot of pictures from what I like to wear. But first about myself!

I am Alessya Caitlin Echter a sixteen-year-old girl who lives in The Netherlands (The Hague). Not a very fashion city but so is Amsterdam, that is the place to be! Only one hour removed from The Hague so I come there a lot. I love to shop. My clothes-press is very different! I prefer to wear casual things. Like ZARA clothes. But I also like vintage shops. There are not a lot of vintage shops in The Hague.. That's too bad. I've been almost all around the world, and the most interested cities to shop are : New York, Berlin, Barcelona, Los Angeles, Madrid, Rome, Paris and London.

I can't wait to post something but I have to make new pictures, so I'll post them tomorrow!! I really hope you like it :)

See you beautiful,

x Ales