First Post!

Hello fashionista's,

This is my first post on my blog and I'm so excited for this blog. I never used a blog before. I hope you all like my blog and I will post a lot of fashion things. You will see a lot of pictures from what I like to wear. But first about myself!

I am Alessya Caitlin Echter a sixteen-year-old girl who lives in The Netherlands (The Hague). Not a very fashion city but so is Amsterdam, that is the place to be! Only one hour removed from The Hague so I come there a lot. I love to shop. My clothes-press is very different! I prefer to wear casual things. Like ZARA clothes. But I also like vintage shops. There are not a lot of vintage shops in The Hague.. That's too bad. I've been almost all around the world, and the most interested cities to shop are : New York, Berlin, Barcelona, Los Angeles, Madrid, Rome, Paris and London.

I can't wait to post something but I have to make new pictures, so I'll post them tomorrow!! I really hope you like it :)

See you beautiful,

x Ales

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One Response to “First Post!”

  1. Hello! ;)
    Ik ben ook beginnen te schrijven,maar ik heb een probleem,omdat Ik de kleine Nederlandse praten.
    Mijn excuses voor grammaticale fouten.Ik kom uit Polen maar ik woon in Nederlands :)
    Ik wil graag nieuwe vrienden te ontmoeten :) EEn geweldig begin :)