Just Rock Amsterdayum

Hii Everybody,

Today I went to Amsterdam as you can see in the pictures. My niece the beautiful lady in yellow made the pictures today. First I would like to thank her. She makes my first post with the pictures possible! She celebrated her Birthday!! I love her so and she is the best ever. 
It was a beautiful warm day in Amsterdam. The wetter was perfect for a shoot! My style was rocky today. A blue shirt (New Look) made it a bit more colourful. I really love the leather trousers (H&M) and the leather jacket (ZARA). It is a perfect outfit for a shopping day or just for a good walk. But for a good walk you need good walking-shoes. The shoes (All Stars) I wore, made it more rocky I think. My chain (Gas Bijoux) are three little hearts which mean the world to me, so you will see this chain in almost every picture. My watch (Guess) is also very important to me too. I like the rocky style and I hope you like it too. I had an amazing day in my favourite city. I see you lovely fashion lovers soon again. 

A day without fashion is like a day without air

X Aless

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7 Responses to “Just Rock Amsterdayum”

  1. How pretty!I really like your look!Your jacket is perfect!
    You're so stylish and your blog very interesting,Do you want to follow each other?Let me know and if you have instagram let me know too.
    http://miescueladetacones.blogspot.com.es/ and my instagram is @carmenpaastor.

    1. Hii Carmen,

      Thank you for your lovely compliments!! You're way too sweet. I'm following you and my instagram is alessya_echter. You have also an amazing blog!!

      Much lovee

  2. Lovely outfit! :)

    Layla x


    1. Thank you Layla!! It is from Zara. Also thank you for visiting my blog!

      Much Lovee!

  3. Reacties
    1. Awh thank you, I bought it in the Zara. I will also thank you for visiting my blog :)

      Much Lovee!

  4. Hey Girly! Toffe outfit, de accessoires zijn erg leuk. Subtiel, maar toch aanwezig.
    Je kunt me trouwens vinden op http://www.bloglovin.com/wilmkeboersma en http://www.winwonderland.com

    x Wilmke